About Angel Katherine Taormina:

Angel Katherine Taormina is a New York born filmmaker who has been working in entertainment from the age of ten. She studied with NYFA and with mentors and professionals from various other Arts schools. She wrote, directed, and starred in her first film, a children's educational video called "Angel's World", in 2003. Her 2008 psychological drama short film "Guilt" was selected at the San Francisco Short Film Festival. Angel worked in everything from comedy to drama to live production to documentary and pursued her unique perspectives on life through her storytelling, her directorial style, and her performance in her works. She poured heart and soul into everything she did until it became clear that the medium of short film could no longer contain her desires. In 2014, with her company Rose Room Productions, Angel decided it was time to make the leap into feature film, beginning with her first work that is inspired by a true story rather than a complete fiction, "The Saints of the Rue Scribe."

Angel Katherine Taormina's Expanded Filmography:

Angel's World- a fun-loving princess teaches children to pray and sing and has a birthday party for Jesus.


Guilt and Redemption- Part one, "Guilt", follows the dramatic downward spiral of ex-courtesan, Lillian Porter, who must come to learn the truth about her husband's death. It was selected for the 2008 San Francisco Short Film Festival. Part two, "Redemption", follows the recovery of Lillian Porter and her new start in life and in love. It was not actually filmed until 2011.


The Perfect Man- one of Four Short Films. A comedic cautionary tale made in 2009 about a woman who programs her boyfriend to be exactly the way she wants him to be.


The Purple Elephant- one of Four Short Films. A comedic morality tale made in 2009 about a child who refuses to be discouraged by her teacher and, with her father, discovers that purple elephants do exist.


Marriage- one of Four Short Films. An experimental-style film made in 2009 about love overcoming every obstacle in a marriage.


The Grand Era- the fourth of the Four Short Films is an expanded version of the Churches of the Grand Era segments of the full-length documentary, "The Grand Era" (2009). This film is a documentary about the influence of Grand Era Paris on the Paris of today in the realms of art, architecture, music, literature, and religion.


A Woman's Worth- a dramatic short film made in 2012 about a woman who helps her best friend to understand that she doesn't have to sell herself out to find true happiness.


Miracles Still Happen- a dramatic short film made in 2012 about a plucky nun and a down-and-out homeless man who witness a miracle.


3rd Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests- for this full-length documentary covering the 3rd Annual Rosary Relay at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe in 2012, Angel won the 1st Annual Rosary Relay Award for her coverage of the event.


The Saints of the Rue Scribe- (upcoming- 2015) This film will mark Angel Katherine Taormina's feature film debut. This historical drama will tell the story of Joseph and Marie Charpentier who overcome severe calumny and violent persecution in 19th century Paris after wild jealousy and misunderstanding of charitable motives become weapons with which to assault their innocence, and those whom they love and wish to aid the most become allies in favor of their destruction.

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