Welcome to Angel Katherine Taormina's Rose Room Productions

Angel Katherine Taormina is a New York born filmmaker who has been working in entertainment from the age of ten. She studied with NYFA and with mentors and professionals from various other Arts schools. She wrote, directed, and starred in her first film, a children's educational video called "Angel's World", in 2003. Her 2008 psychological drama short film "Guilt" was selected at the San Francisco Short Film Festival. Angel worked in everything from comedy to drama to live production to documentary and pursued her unique perspectives on life through her storytelling, her directorial style, and her performance in her works. She won an award for the work she did on a documentary, and garnered acclaim for assisting groups in both film and in live production; though her first love was always the narrative story. She poured heart and soul into everything she did until it became clear that the medium of short film alone could no longer contain her own desires. After making over ten short films, Angel made the decision to begin the journey into feature film and to continue to find new ways to express her artistic voice. Knowing that there is always something more to say through short film, she made her newest film, the short film “Inspiration” in 2015.

While our site is under reconstruction, we hope to keep you up to date with our latest goings-on.

Just recently, Angel wrapped filming for her newest project, "Inspiration." The film is now running the festival circuit.

More news on new projects to come.